Horses for the Corporate World Certification



Horses for the Corporate World Certification Program

This training will provide you with tools, knowledge, skills, and practice to take leaders and teams to the next level accompanied by horses. In addition to that, it will take you beyond what you expected. It will challenge you. It will strengthen you. You will see a part of you that you had not experienced before. This work is going to demand from you the best you can be, because to train and develop leaders, you have to constantly train and develop yourself.

“Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others”.
Jack Welch


The purpose of this certification program is to provide the knowledge, skillsets, the experience and the mindset to successfully create and deliver goal oriented, professional, high quality, equine programs to corporate, organizational, and governmental leaders, teams and groups.


To develop an international community of professionals capable of leading transformation processes through horses to high-level leaders and teams.


1. Access to facilities, equipment and experienced professionals.
2. A community of constant learning, mutual support, resources, and standards.                                           3. Material and relevant information to offer your services.
4. References and opportunities to work with other teams around the world
5. Supported by Eagala, the world-wide standard in Equine Assisted Psychotherarpy and Personal Development organization.


1. Provide a specific skillset to work with corporate, organizational and governmental leaders and teams using the Eagala Model

2. Gain further understanding of the organizational world and what we need as facilitators to help them reach specific goals successfully with the Eagala Model.

3. Develop the acquired skills, and take them to a more deep, structured and step by step process based on specific goals.

4.Design corporate sessions to be able to reach very specific goals that organizations demand.

5. Learn to plan, and execute goal-oriented sessions, giving factual feedbacks to individuals/leaders, teams and groups.

6. Apply the new skillset through supervised practice

7. Develop the facilitator as a leader of change

4 – Day Training Fundamentals of the Eagala Model with Corporate focus

3 – Day Training Corporate Skillset
3 – Day Training Feedbacks and Facilitator Leadership

Each day 8:30 am to 6:00 pm (breakfast and lunch provided)
Additional on line material provided to be completed before and after trainings.

Eagala Approved: 20 hours of Eagala CEUs

Audience: This certification program is design to fit professionals in the area of human development, organizational development, coaches, HR professionals, consultants, psychologists, therapists, change management specialists, equine specialists working with horses for human development, or similar.

Note: this program will focus on organizational development, change management, personal development, and any area related exclusively to the corporate, organizational and governmental setting. No psychotherapy approaches will be addressed.

Participation: participation will be monitored daily. Missing more than two hours in a day may interfere with the certification process.


1. Interview 

2. Questionnaire

3. Assesments

4. Full attendance to the trainings                                                                                              

5. Pre webinar completion

6. Post test completion

7. On line test completion

8. Hours of practice completion
Dates: August 28th to September 6th 2020

Location: Mexico City at TAAC Coaching

Investment: Call for interview